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EslouvyFleet - Comprehensive Fleet Management

EslouvyFleet is ideally suited for the fleet owner/manager who needs a real-time solution to control movable assets, drivers and vehicles. The solution boasts a wide array of functionalities for vehicle maintenance (service intervals etc) and operation control (real time fuel consumption, driver abuse, on board vehicle management, driver communication etc).

EslouvyFleet forms part of the Eslouvy range designed to address many of the operational challenges prevalent amongst the commercial fleets. These include asset tracking and recovery, basic activity monitoring, reduction of the operating costs and enhancing the management of the Supply Chain. (As always, we strongly recommend adding an Eslouvy wireless device if asset recovery is of paramount importance).


Real Time Vehicle Data

Using its onboard dual receiver Global Positioning System (GPS), EslouvyFleet provides accurate location information. Additional information includes ignition/engine on/off, trip data, driver identification, input status, output control, speeding, odometer and polled positions.

Vehicles can be tracked both actively and historically.

Driver Management

Active monitoring of abusive driver behaviour within the user-defined parameters includes excessive idling, harsh braking, speeding, vehicle tow alert and over-revving. The analysed information provides the operator with a valuable tool to minimize fuel and maintenance costs while maximizing safety. Driver Iidentification and Panic button are optional.

Zone Management

Monitoring of entry and exit to user-defined geofences. Geofences are software and hardware based (hardware based geofences handle the real-time alarms, and software based geofences handle exception monitoring in the web-based application) It also caters for categorisation (i.e. identification of customers, fuel stations, depots, POI etc...)

GPS Jamming Detection

If GPS jamming is detected, the unit will report this.

Antenna Tamper Detection

If the GPS/GSM antenna is tampered with the unit will report this.

Accident Detection and Reconstruction

EslouvyFleet has a built-in G-Sensor which, when triggered because of excessive forces due to an accident, will send an alert to Eslouvy’s control room. It is also possible to get a detailed reconstruction of events before and after the G-Sensor was triggered.

Vehicle Management

The vehicle data provided via CANBus includes essential information such as odometer, trip distance, fuel management, water and oil pressures, engine hours, service notification etc. (CANBus compatibility is dependent on manufacturer specifications).
Older vehicles (pre 2004) can benefit from input measurement via our additional analogue input unit (for fuel measurement and any sensor activities based on the normal open or closed circuit signal measurement).

Communications methods

Voice communication with the driver can be obtained via a microphone and speaker installed in the vehicle which allows for inbound calls only. Calls must be made from a dedicated number.
Connecting a Garmin FMI device enables the following communication features:

  • Two way SMS communication between controller and driver.
  • Driver can respond with pre-programmed SMS messages (e.g. Arrived at destination).
  • Task assignment with destination position sent to the Garmin FMI device which then automatically routes the driver there from his current position.
  • Send messages to driver which requires a response from him. (e.g. Have you arrived at ABC?: Yes/No) The selected response is sent back to the controller.

Audio Surveillance

Listening in on situations in the vehicle via the onboard microphone is possible.


The web-base offering ranks amongst the fastest and most intuitive because of the Java runtime platform (JRE) and AJAX loader.

Simple Reports

Extensive bouquet of reports with user defined frequency and content.

Web Based System

  • A reporting and mapping system that is completely web-based
  • Access data and manage your fleet from anywhere in the world
  • Free – no software to be purchased or loaded onto PC’s

This is a very powerful and flexible application in the sense that Managers get to decide what users or user groups get to see and get to use.