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Eslouvy - Wireless Asset Tracking and Recovery

Eslouvy is our asset tracking and recovery hardware core. Today, the Eslouvy hardware is a well-proven technology that has been continuously updated and further developed over the last 10 years. With this is mind we have launched our latest hardware platform, the Mtrack3.

Following on from the success of Eslouvy with the world’s best recovery rate of 98% over the last 10 years, Eslouvy is set to perform even better!

Enhanced features include:

Eslouvy - 3 in one:

The Eslouvy makes use of the existing GPS, GSM network (LBS) and RF radio beacon for positioning and communication. All three positioning methods are implemented in Eslouvy. The service provider can monitor and track any asset on their digital maps. GPS also reports time/date, position, speed and course. Eslouvy has integrated a sophisticated power management system with a battery lifetime of 1 to 3 years depending on configuration. It is possible to connect the Eslouvy to an external power source ranging between 5~32V.

How Eslouvy Works:

The use of GSM enables us to find stolen goods anywhere - i.e. in a building, in a container, underground etc. It is also possible to secure an object within a limited area with the use of the built in Geofencing mode. The small size of the Eslouvy makes it easy to conceal in whatever the customer wants to secure or track.

Asset tracking and recovery:

The Eslouvy can detect movement and also contains an anti-tamper alarm. These features enable the unit to fulfil most positioning and tracking needs. The Eslouvy is ideal to combat theft and to be used by logistics companies to track goods. The RF (Radio Frequency) beacon enables the unit to be traced in all environments, both indoor as well as outdoor. The unique SMS protocol makes it possible to remotely program and control the Eslouvy, putting you in control of the unit’s power management, positioning frequency or other programmable parameters.

The motion sensor on the Eslouvy can be programmed for detection of stationary goods or goods going into motion. When a programmed alarm event occurs on the Eslouvy, the unit sends messages to the ARC/control centre about the unit’s status, GPS position (or its macro location). This information serves as a starting point for the recovery teams to begin their search.

Eslouvy has been integrated into our tried and tested web based Track2find platform. The client can monitor and track any asset from any location in the world.

Eslouvy communicates on all the world's mobile networks (GPRS / SMS) and features the latest available GPS technology. Combined with our radio technology, the Eslouvy can use three positioning platforms: GSM positioning, radio direction finding and of course GPS positioning. The built-in radio transmitter, which is activated in an alarm situation, combined with a directional antenna provides very precise positioning, allowing our reaction teams to recover any asset the unit is attached to or placed in.

The Eslouvy has an integrated and sophisticated power management system which gives the unit a proven battery lifetime of 1 to 3 years depending on configuration.
Eslouvy is built for extreme conditions. The product is rugged, watertight (IP-67) and operates without restrictions in temperatures from -30 to +75 degrees Celsius.

Amongst others, Eslouvy has the following features:

  • Motion sensor (Motion notification / Standstill notification / Measurement of used time)
  • Sabotage alarm
  • External power loss
  • Battery level indicator
  • Temperature measurement
  • Internal memory for storage of data and GPS positions if unit is not within GSM coverage
  • Rechargeable option available
  • IP67 Rated watertight operation
  • Web based tracking platform accessible from anywhere in the world